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Magic Circle Green

Magic Circle Green

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Story: Magic Circles rug is inspired by one of Kandinsky's most recognizable artwork and a famous color study, Farbstudie - Quadrate (Squares with Concentric Circles)
Unrestricted to the arrangement of the circles, this artwork also bears witness to Kandinsky's gift of synesthesia (ability to see sounds and hear colors) and the major role it played in his artistic works. Kandinsky believed that color could stimulate physical and emotional responses if used in conjunction with form. It is a sort of experiment to confirm if colors can be heard when used on tangible objects, The disparity in the sizes and colors of the concentric circles allude to active abstraction.


Sizes: 3x3ft (91x91cm) ; 5x5ft (152x152cm) ; 7x7ft (213cmx213cm) 

Colour: Green 

Material Composition: 100% Soft Wool 

Lead Time: 4-6 weeks 


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Is this product customisable?

Yes, you can customise all of our rugs in any size and colour combinations. You can either choose to customise any of our existing designs or create a new design from scratch. Contact us at or using the form below to know more.

What's your lead time?

Most of our rugs are made-to-order, hence following lead times apply. However, if you're in urgent need, please contact us at, we can confirm the in-stock availability for you. 

Lead time for rugs: 4-7 weeks  

Lead time for Accessories/Cushions: Ships in 3-5 days 


Can I create my own design?

Yes, absolutely. With our bespoke rug service, you can create any design from scratch! Whether it's an artwork you created, something you're inspired from or anything else you'd like to create on the rug, anything and everything is possible. As the whole process of making a rug is manual, it allows us to customise every single detail. Whether you have a clear vision for what you want in your custom design or have a very vague idea, our design team is here to help. Get in touch and we'll help you create your own unique rug.

I am an artist and I would like to work with you, how does it work?

We love to collaborate with artists and designers to create unique pieces. Please get in touch at :)

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