Sustainability at Ruggism

Sustainability at Ruggism

At Ruggism, our dedication towards art, tradition and sustainability is interwoven into the creation of each rug. Ruggism is driven to uphold its belief that art can be both beautiful and sustainable. 

Ruggism art pieces are woven using only all-natural materials such as Wool, Hemp, Silk and Linen. At Ruggism, all materials are ethically sourced, we procure our fine Tibetan or Himalayan Wool from the outskirts of Nepal and use only Chinese and Indian Silk which is the finest natural silk made by the silkworm. Being both organic and handcrafted, our design pieces are as pure and authentic as they can be, all while being closely tied to nature.  


Ruggism acts as a bridge between artists and artisans to bring life to the pieces of art. Our rugs are handcrafted by artisanal communities belonging to the rural areas of India and Nepal. Weaving is the primary source of income for these communities and it is our commitment to make these communities global. 

We endeavour to empower the women of our artisanal communities by providing them with a stable source of livelihood. Our craftswomen are encouraged to hone their skills in the traditional art of weaving and are provided with an opportunity to cater to a larger customer base. We have experienced significant success in this field and have partnered with mostly women weavers.

Here at Ruggism, we prioritise suitable social and environmental working conditions. Our artisans are accommodated in a comfortable and easily accessible work environment, with some crafters even making rugs from the comfort of their homes.


We take immense pride in our handcrafted designs. Hand-weaving is perfect for very intricate designs and patterns, therefore every piece is delicately handcrafted by experienced weavers. Our artisans have achieved mastery over this traditional and remarkable technique, expertly weaving one row after the other.

Duration of the weaving process depends on various factors such as the number of knots, complexity of the design and size of the rug. It is a tedious activity that can be drawn out to 12 weeks. Making it the farthest thing from mass production. The designs of Ruggism are only meticulously fabricated in small batches.




One of our founding commitments was made towards preserving and drawing in appreciation of the traditional craftsmanship of these communities. The designs are created using age-old techniques of weaving, giving these artisanal communities a purpose to practice and pass on their traditional crafts to future generations and keep the art alive.  


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