About Us

               Fun rug by Ruggism pink blue gray interior odd shaped rug, about Ruggism

Art Inspirations and Meaningful Collaborations

Ruggism aims to act as a bridge between artists and artisanal communities of India and Nepal to create fine handmade rugs for people who appreciate art and true craftsmanship. We always seek meaningful collaborations with artists in a way that the story of the artist is conveyed along with that of the artisans.


Founding Belief 

Ruggism creates contemporary hand-made rugs and all collections are based on the simple yet significant founding belief that to bring beauty in this world, we must reduce the gap between people who 'design' and the people who 'make'. The result of this collaboration between art, design and an ancient craft creates a unique storytelling experience of how the rug came to life.


Slow is the only way forward

We believe in slow production to create pieces that last generations. Our rugs are the farthest thing from mass production as each piece goes through numerous manual processes and comes with a lead time of 5-7 weeks. We only work with 100% natural materials like Wool, Pure Silk, and Linen, to create pieces that tell a story of exquisite design and craftsmanship.


Commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals