About us


Ruggism illustration showing Ruggism as a bridge between artists and artisans for handmade rugs


Ruggism acts as a bridge between international artists and artisanal communities in India and Nepal to create fine handmade rugs for art lovers. We believe art should not be limited to a canvas and design should not have any boundaries, with these two founding beliefs, Ruggism presents a beautiful opportunity of mixing art and design, all the while empowering the lives of artisanal communities of rural India and Nepal. 

The result of these collaborations are the designs that truly stand out, designs that tell a story of both the artist and the artisan. 

Only Natural Materials  

We make sure our rugs are the farthest thing from mass production as each piece is unique and made by hand by skilled artisans. We only work with 100% natural materials like Wool, Silk, and Aloe, to create pieces that tell a story of exquisite design and craftsmanship. 

Commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Write to us at trade@ruggism.com for customisations. Please mention the design name if you wish to customise our existing designs. 


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