Collection: Fading Beauty

Introducing the Fading Beauty Collection, the result of our collaboration with Japanese artist, Hiromitsu Kuroo. As a collage painter whose work is infused with the art of origami, Kuroo lays emphasis on the interplay and juxtaposition of different elements in collaged canvas pieces, a trait that can be observed in the designs of our collection as well. 

Every piece in this collection is an ode to specific aspects of artistic ability and beauty that they have been imbibed with. As captivating works of art, they possess muted color palettes, with subtle tones that blend together harmoniously. The intricate overlapping designs fold and unfold in a perpetual dance of form and release. This is reminiscent of a delicate origami creation, adding another layer of sophistication to the composition. All rugs in this series are made of authentic wool, linen or silk and have been meticulously hand-knotted using Tibetan knotting techniques. The result is a genuine work of art that invites contemplation and appreciation for the intricate artistry involved.